The Case

Case History

Read about Zeke Goldblum's case. Wrongfully convicted in 1977 for a murder he did not commit. He was sentenced to life in the Pennsylvania State Prison System, where he remains today.

Clemency Applications

Over the course of four decades in prison, Zeke Goldblum has filed seven applications for clemency. Only one was given a public hearing, in 1998. He filed a new application in January 2017. You can view the complete application here.

Television News Coverage

In 1996, Ken Rice, then a reporter for KDKA TV (now an anchor) filed this report on the murder of George Wilhelm and subsequent conviction of Zeke Goldblum. [video width="250" height="141" m4v=""][/video]

With publication of "Willful Blindness," Jim Ramsey and David Bear were interviewed on KD/PG Sunday Edition (1/29/17)