2015 – PA Superior Court Brief

On February 23, 2015, a brief was filed in Pennsylvania Superior Court Pittsburgh District in the matter of the Commonwealth versus Charles Goldblum.  The response was to a PCRA application filed on behalf of Goldblum.  Although the brief dismissed the application, rather than considering the legal arguments made or expert testimony presented, the dismissal was based substantially on clerical matters, such as missing the filing deadline by a few days and using a type font size larger the the one that was specified. Thus, the document had more pages than the application requirement allowed, even though its word total was within prescribed limits.

In addition to offering insights on prosecutorial thinking, the brief’s counter-statement provides a detailed and official chronology of all court actions taken by and against Goldblum since 1976.

Commonwealth Brief 4:1:2015


Do you agree that Zeke Goldblum has already served time far in excess relative to any crime he committed?

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TV Report on Zeke’s case

It has been more than 20 years since Ken Rice filed this in-depth report on Zeke’s case. 20 years since Zeke’s judge and prosecutor both labeled his trial “A Miscarriage of Justice.”

And 20 years later, Zeke is still in prison, serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit.



"Clarence . . . Clarence Miller did this to me." George Wilhelm's dying declaration to police, February 9, 1976 (T.T. 1528).

". . . Goldblum was not the individual who inflicted the fatal stab wounds on Mr. George Wilhelm." Dr. Cyril Wecht, Coroner of Allegheny County in letter to Board of Pardons, September 1, 1994; Henry Lee, Ph.D., report dated February 25, 1997.

"This is the one case in 21 years [as a judge] which seriously troubles my conscience about the result." The Honorable Donald Ziegler as quoted in Michael Bucsko, Judge Haunted by Dying Man's Last Sentences, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 5, 1995.